The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

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Hello all! As Christmas is approaching and we have entered the holidays I have had a lot more time to read, and The One Memory of Flora Banks is the one novel to read on those cold, icy days. It follows the tale of Flora, a seventeen year old girl suffering from amnesia – this means that she is unable to make new memories and can only access the ones before she was ten. She feels like she is a girl living in a much older, woman’s body, and it’s not until she kisses her best friend’s boyfriend that she wants to find out who she really is and what she has been missing all this time.

I LOVED this book so much, I feel like it will go off with a bang in January and come next year, everyone will be talking about Flora. I love reading about places and people through Flora’s eyes and the fact that the protagonist is going on an adventure to find themself. The plot was enthralling and nerve-wracking as we sense that Flora is in grave danger (most of the time) but can’t do anything to help herself. Captivating and unexpected, I’ve never read anything quite like this book.


Spy Mice by Heather Vogel Frederick


Spy Mice is another of my brothers books and absolutely amazing . It is about …

Oz Levinson thinks he is a coward. With bullies Jordan and Tank, it is the end  of the world for Oz. How will he get rid of them? Meanwhile, the spy mice agency is brimming with gossip. Apparently, Glory wished she was invisible. She had messed up her missions being a spy mouse completely, and her boss , Julian , says he expects more of her , and that she has one more chance . If she messes this up, she gets fired.  Glory is desperate not to think that people are better than mice, but is that true? Maybe working as a team is better? Read the book to find out…

Published by Puffin. Age range is 8-11.

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