Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

A simple concept that not many people take the time to think about: what would you do if you won the lottery? And I’m not talking about the standard lottery winnings- I’m thinking of the jackpot. Millions upon millions of pounds are won across the world by few lucky individuals. But what many don’t consider is if it is luck or if it’s something else entirely? Smith explores this in her new book, Windfall, when Alice buys a lottery ticket as a one-off for her best friend’s birthday. The events that unravel are so spectacular that I found myself thinking that fate isn’t such a weird idea any more. I read this book (bearing in mind it was over 400 pages) in less than a day- it was so easy to read but funny and engaging at the same time. I recommend any young adult to pick it up as it’s the type of book you could leave on the side and would still be loved months later. I found myself laughing out loud and pining for the characters as if they were my friends. Loved it!

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Ghost Girl

“It never occurred to me that life could be like this. My twelve years have gone now, and the new me, will never end, possibly not even before the world does. No one would ever see it like that, but I could. I’m the only one who knows the details of what happened that day. I stand in front of my family, the police who investigated the area of the incident, but they don’t see me. I’ve been like this for over a year now, can I cope? Well, it doesn’t matter any way, there is no way to end it, because there is no end, no stop…”

Could you cope if no-one could see you? What would you do if you realised you were a ghost…

Hermione Jones is a girl who has moved home and been expelled from school more times than you can imagine. She has no friends in her new school except from one that turns into an enemy. Her life is going  moderately okay ( as usual ) until she enters the forbidden staffroom, a mistake she’ll never forget. Everything goes horribly wrong after that and her life turns upside down- literally…

I recommend this book to people aged nine to twelve because it’s a book that can touch your heart and make you laugh, smile and cry at the same time. It affected me because parts of it are very emotional and I started to read it during break and lunch times at school because I wanted to finish it so badly.

My favourite character is the main character, Hermione. She is a naughty girl who has a don’t-get-in-my-face attitude but when things really matter/deep down in her heart she is a girl who just wants to be ordinary. I like her because she fights a long battle and can cope in the worst of situations.

This book isn’t published yet since the author is twelve but you can check out her site to find out more details;



first paragraph of my book: Ghost Girl