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12912283_1735338063354226_523442570_nHi there!

Last year, The Sweet Review had over 850 visitors worldwide, and this year alone it has already been visited by over 800!

If you are an author with a book or books you’d like me to review on my blog and showcase on my Instagram, please email me at or comment below. I really enjoy reading and reviewing all sorts of books so please let me know and I’ll get back to you.

If you are an author I would love to do an interview with you! Before I had an interview12445800_1754956464741835_1279694062_n.jpg with J A Buckle, which you can see here.

If you are a publishing company, with books you would like me to review, email me at – I have reviewed books for many publishers, such as Curious Fox, so I’d love to review one of your books!

Even if you would like to arrange a giveaway with me email me – I will only arrange this if the giveaway is to do with books i.e bookmarks, notebooks etc. If you would like me to be a brand rep (when you send me your product and I promote it/ review it over a period of time) email me and we can arrange that.

~ The Sweet Review

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