About me


Hi there, I’m Aimee.

I’m a lover of all things book-related, and on one day six years ago I decided to create a space where I can ramble to my heart’s content and curate particular feelings I’ve had at that time. I’ve recently moved on from an important stage of my life – spending five years studying for a set of exams – and am entering an entirely new one. I am now studying English Literature, French, History and Drama at A-Level, and I intend on continuing acting and languages into the future. Sometimes it feels like this small piece of me is the only thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years, and I am so grateful for it. Posts will be going up every Sunday at 5pm!




16 thoughts on “About me

  1. celtics345 says:

    Thanks for following me I followed you. I got almost 1000 short stories for you to read on my blog including books too if you ever are hard pressed to find some reading material I got plenty on my blog. Nice to meet you I am Dan. I am going to check out your blog now. hope you are having a good day.

      • celtics345 says:

        Cool poems is how I got started writing in 2000 16 years ago I wrote like 300 poems in the hospital and from there followed my passion. I am a very prolific writer and like adding my friends into the stories. Your welcome!

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