Moonrise by Sarah Crossan | A Review

‘Any reader of a heart will weep buckets’ Sunday Times

It’s fair to say that Crossan did not fail to follow through with her new novel, ‘Moonrise’. The format is characteristic of her other works, in that the book is broken down into poem-like sections with a storyline running throughout. However, the plot is very different to anything I have read in a while. The narrator is the brother of Ed, who is on death row for committing murder. Ed has always pleaded guilty to his family and friends, but Joe (our narrator) is still unsure as to why Ed signed a form ten years ago that confirmed the case and Ed as guilty. The plot follows Joe as he struggles to visit Ed the month before his execution date, and we come to understand as the reader, how much Ed’s trial has shaken up Joe himself, and the family. Crossan touches upon themes of brotherhood, integrity and justice, and whether that can coexist with one and moral righteousness. It has been a while since I’ve read a book that has kept me so gripped that I couldn’t stop turning the pages, but ‘Moonrise’ did it for me! So compelling, so fast-paced, and the poems are beautifully written and run seamlessly into one another so the storyline is by no means lost. Joe is such a likeable character, but also raw and complex in his own ways, which adds to the realism of the plot. There are very few characters in ‘Moonrise’, but like the story that is revealed to us bit by bit, new characters are introduced at every hurdle – in turn, Crossan creates a tight knit group of well-developed characters and a storyline that is well mapped out and leads to a very interesting and engaging read.

4 thoughts on “Moonrise by Sarah Crossan | A Review

  1. Chaos Fae says:

    This book made me feel so emotional. It’s so sad and it addresses an issue that is rarely addressed in YA. I didn’t like that it is written in poem form but that’s okay when it’s so fast-paced. (: Glad you enjoyed it!

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