All Of This Is True by Lygia Day Peñaflor

I completely fell in love with the appearance with this book – I thought the idea was fascinating within its originality and the design cover was absolutely stunning. From the get go the pace was fast and snappy, enough information revealed to the reader at certain intervals but some cleverly kept back by Peñaflor in order to keep the reader intrigued. I was hooked from the beginning so it definitely worked on me! The storyline of a famous author using young female teenagers to write a novel is an intriguing idea, and I can’t believe no one has explored this theme of YA before that I’m not aware of already. The characters are all well developed and the writing itself I think is wonderful, however until a few chapters, the change in writing format and characters did confuse me. As a result I had to actually stop a few times to make sure who was who which did disrupt the flow of the storytelling. Otherwise, a really enjoyable read. Nothing like I have ever read before in Young Adult fiction!

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