A little update to kick off 2018!

Hi guys! So I wanted to give you a little insight into what I’m currently reading and what sort of goals I’m setting for myself this 2018.

2017 was a hectic year, and although I read a lot on holiday and breaks, this year I want to find pockets of time everyday where I can wind down after working and read a few pages or so. I didn’t keep a reading track as such in 2017, but I’m sure I only read about 30 books or so. I remember setting a goal of around 50 and it all going downhill from there, so this year I’m going to aim for 40 to be read which gives me a bit of leeway if I really can’t fit in any reading time in the busier parts of the year. One of my resolutions is to practise mindfulness more, and I think that this includes books as reading for me is a time to destress and relax during the day.

I would also like to venture into new areas of fiction and non-fiction to broaden my general knowledge and to learn about different styles of writing or eras I had not previously known about. I would like to read more classic books, and genres that I don’t necessarily choose above others, such as adventure or thriller. I would love to read more French books, as I am studying French A Level currently, and more history-related books for the same reason.

Currently I’m reading The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, which is just beautiful, and other books that are on my reading pile are Tangleweed and Brine by Deidre Sullivan and Nights of the Circus by Angela Carter. Please let me know what reading goal you have for this year and what you have started reading to kick off 2018! X

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