Sampler of YA Usborne books coming out 2018!

I recently received a sampler of Usborne’s YA novels that will be coming out early next year – to say the least, there’s definitely something there for everyone! Six fantastic exerpts from what I’m sure will become incredible tales for everyone to enjoy at their own leisure. My personal favourite was ‘Rosie Loves Jack’, which follows the joys and sorrows of Rosie who has Down Syndrome – we see the world in brilliant colours as Rosie sees it – but it soon becomes clear that all Rosie ever sees is Jack. He has always been there for her, and when we find out that Jack may be taken away due to his sometimes uncontrollable anger issues, it is incredibly moving when they are unable to let each other go. I can tell ‘Rosie and Jack’ will become a staple read; heartwarming, emotional and funny in just the first few pages, I just know that this novel is a must and a true original. Another extract that caught my eye was Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen – despite the off-putting title in my opinion, there was so much action and a gradual progression of the main characters in the twenty pages or so that I read! Great stuff! Other tales included ‘Slay’ by Kim Curran, which was not so much my perfect genre to read, but I’m sure will prove very popular amongst the middle-grade boy area. The dystopian world created in S. M. Wilson’s ‘The Extinction Trials’ seems very much like The Hunger Games in its competitive nature and science-fiction genre, but I am willing to give it a go due to Wilson’s impeccable writing style. Linni Ingemundson sets the scene perfectly in ‘The Unpredictability of Being Human’, as in ‘Theatrical’ by Maggie Harcourt. Overall, I’m very excited about all the novels and I can’t wait for each and every one of them to come out next year!

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