The very last LoveReading review? Editing Emma

After using The Sweet Review for a few years and learning to understand the various mechanisms and my particular style for writing reviews, Love Reading contacted me to ask if I wanted to write reports just for them, in return for BOOKS. I mean, who wouldn’t say yes to that offer? So for about four years now, alongside my brother who also reviewed books, I have worked with Love Reading and enjoyed what I was doing thoroughly. Through their fantastic site, I was able to indulge in genres I wouldn’t normally pick up from a bookstore, as well as having the opportunity to put across my opinions to a wider audience.

However, as they say, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately this will be my last EVER review for their website. It has been a wonderful few years, and I am very glad to be reviewing this particular book to send off.

Editing Emma is a charming novel quite similar to Zoella’s Girl Online. It’s a great read to pick up at this point in the year as the book begins by following Emma’s, somewhat destructive, path to freedom during the summer holidays. The book covers numerous topics that will be relatable to any teenager, including love, the consequences held after break-ups, friendships and the toxicity that sometimes does occur, particularly in many girl groups at this day and age. But I think what Editing Emma tackles most effectively is many people’s life online, and how this can be very different to real life. We see Emma run headfirst into unsuccessful dates, leaked blog posts and unfortunate Facebook status’, and I definitely laughed at a lot of events that occurred due to Emma’s naivety.

This certain type of book is definitely an acquired taste, and I did find myself struggling to get into it at times. This is perhaps because the story is told through blog posts that Emma posts online, which is keeping to the modern aspects of the 21st century, but also prevents the novel from having a fast pace. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Editing Emma for its vivacious nature and larger than life characters that successfully put a smile on my face whatever the weather.


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