Kook by Chris Rick – A review


‘Jade got me in trouble from day one.’

Sam knows nothing other than living in London- his only memories of the coast were from a long time ago. Fifteen years old and barely in trouble ever, Sam hated even the idea of moving to the coast – but once there, things happen. Extraordinary things. Like for one, Jade. Once in love with her, he knew he could never turn back to the life he once had.

So. When picking up Kook, I was impressed with the cover, but the words, ‘A boy. A girl. And the wave that sweeps them away’. imprinted on the front put me off – just because it sounded so cliché. When I’m looking for a book, I’m looking for something different, something a bit unique, and though the blurb and quote at the front is gripping, it sounded similar to a lot of stories I have read.


After reading the first chapter, I realised that it wasn’t going to be a cliché teenage romance. I was hooked, and stayed up a bit later and woke up a bit earlier to read ‘just one more page!’. I really did like the relationship between Jade and Sam because there were complications which kept them apart – of course that frustrated me at times but in a good way!

On the surface, anyone can see that this book is essentially about love and loss, and how the two are closer linked than you think. If you delve a bit deeper, you can see that Kook isn’t just about surfing, but also about facing your fears. I especially love the message that ran through it, ‘Fear makes the wolf look bigger’. You know you’ve found a good book when certain quotes stay with you, and Kook did just that.

The age range for this book is 13+ and I agree – I don’t think anyone younger than 13 should read it. Teenagers and young adults would appreciate it the most because I could relate to a lot of the situations that the main characters were in.

Just because it was difficult to get into, I’m giving Kook 8/10. But Vick’s writing really drew me in and after reading, I really wanted to start surfing! His descriptions of Sam and the rest on their boards was fantastic – it was like I was there surfing myself.

~ The Sweet Review

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