Guest post!

My brother made a review of the book Five Hundred Miles by Kevin Brooks so I thought I should post it here for some of you younger readers to look up!

‘Imagine a back street outside a breaker’s yard in East London on a damp October morning.’

I think this is an amazing book which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat all the way through. The plot is quite gripping and the tension builds up from when they are in the bar to their drive to Scotland. My favourite character is Rubin because even though he is young, he seems to be mysterious. In the bar scene, I found the gangsters funny and amusing but they were also frightening. A strange girl who looks like their dead sister walks into the bar. The gangsters were harassing a monkey and she felt it was not right. When the two boys interfered, it led them on to a dangerous adventure. I would rate this book five star as I was very interested in the story. The age range is around 12 years plus (although the reading level is lower).

~ The Sweet Review

ps Sorry for not posting as much, two more reviews should be up as soon as possible, and I will create a new page for the Reading Log of 2015.

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