Underwater by Marissa Reichardt

‘My emergency pills are in an amber prescription bottle on the second shelf of the medicine cabinet. I look at them every morning and hope today isn’t a day when I’ll need to take one.’

Morgan was a normal teenager. She had three best friends and went to parties every weekend. She wasn’t always a girl who is too scared to step out of her apartment door. She wasn’t always petrified of going to school. There was a girl called Margot who had an ordinary life, but because of what happened four months earlier, she’s completely changed.

To be honest, when I started reading this book, I thought it would be extremely cliche (because she meets a boy and everything turns happy), but I was surprisingly gripped throughout. Morgan is a very relatable and realistic character and I really enjoyed reading about her. I also really liked Ben, Morgan’s younger brother. Even though Ben was meant to be six, I feel like he was much older (nine or ten). Nevertheless, that might be what Reichardt was trying to do (because Ben had been through a lot so he would be wiser).

Overall, I really enjoyed this book after the doubts I had at the beginning. I think teenage girls would like this the most, and I’m going to give it a three stars. I am reviewing this for lovereading, and it will be published on the 7th of April 2016, so look out for it!

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