How do you find books to read?

Hello everyone!

So someone asked me a little while back, how do you find books to read? You would think it’s a pretty obvious answer, wouldn’t you? But it can be quite difficult to find the perfect book, so here’s a few suggestions I came up with if you’re in this situation:

  1. Local bookstores:- I highly recommend going to quite large bookstores, or libraries if you wish, so there are a lot of books to choose from. It might look hopeless- how are you EVER going to choose one book? Just enjoy browsing through different genres. Once you have come across a type of book that suits you (eg fantasy, romance etc.) start picking up books that catch your eye.
  2. Ask someone. It could be your librarian, a friend, a family member- what do they recommend for you to read?
  3. You could also read some books that have been out as films recently. For instance, when I watched Divergent a while back, I asked my mum if I could get the book for my birthday because it was that good.
  4. It’s quite easy for me to get books because there is a website, lovereading, who send me books and I review them. If you’re interested in this, search lovereading on google and click on their site. Anyone can do this, so I really recommend doing this if you don’t mind reviewing books.
  5. Finally, if you’re still stuck after all of these fabulous points I gave you, you can always go on to sites that recommend books to read, cough cough cough cough! If you type in a genre in the search bar of my site, you’ll find books that you like. Also because I’ve reviewed every book, you can see which ones are five star and look them up. Also, if that’s effort for you, go onto my reading log to see which books I’ve read this year.

I hope that helped atleast one of you 🙂 I’m going to try doing these types of posts more often, especially in the run up to Christmas (!!!). Maybe I should do a post a day until the 25th? Let me know what you think in the comments.  Byee!!

~The Sweet Review


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