Not if I See You First by Eric Lindstrom

Not if I See You First is an extraordinary novel with messages that stayed with me long after I put it down. The story is about Parker Grant, who has been blind for many years. Many people think she is stupid, but the people who know her best, know that she is smarter than everyone. Parker thinks that she has her life in shape, but when her school and another’s merge together to form one, she meets people who cause the terrible events that happened in the past to unravel and ruin everything.

Not only is this book gripping, it also tells some very important messages. The one that has stayed with me, is that: seeing is not believing. Lindstrom shows the reader this through the main character, Parker. Parker was amazing, I really enjoyed reading about her and her friends also.

The age rating for this book would be 12 and older, although I feel like older teenagers would relate to it more. It was quite an easy read, but it was one of those books that you have to read over and over to find every message and every meaning.

Overall, it was such a brilliant and well told book, that I’m going to give it a five star. Definitely put it on your reading pile.

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