Review of Twenty Questions for Gloria by Martin Bedford

Twenty Questions for Gloria is about a girl who decides to run away with a boy she has known for less than a week. Gloria is tired of living a normal life, and all she wants to do is get away from everything and live how she chooses. But when all their money runs out and they have no way of buying food, Gloria has to turn to theft. They are a long way from home, and Gloria starts to realise that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea….


The story is recounted by Gloria to a policewoman whilst she is a police cell.


Each chapter is the answer to a question and because of this structure it makes the book different to others. We know from the start that something bad happens but we don’t find out what it is until the end, which creates a sense of foreboding. I really liked the main characters; Gloria and Uman because they felt very real. Also I liked seeing how their relationship changed and developed as the novel went on.


There were a lot of twists and I never knew what was going to happen next which made it gripping. I feel like there should have been more of Gloria in the present tense – after Gloria and Uman ran away. Other than that, Twenty Questions for Gloria was exciting to read and left me wanting more.


I would say the age rating for this book is YA and mainly girls and I would give it eight out of ten.


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