WordPress Anniversary!

First of all, I’m very sorry for not posting anything for a long time. What with being on holiday for a month and preparing for school, I haven’t had the time to sit down properly and review something. I have made a list of all the things I need to upload; very shortly I will post a series of short reviews to give you an insight to what I’ve been reading. My second important post is the one you are reading now.


A few days ago, I celebrated my WordPress Anniversary, and I think it’s time to make a post.

I have now been posting reviews on The Sweet Review for a whopping four years! Isn’t that incredible? The amount I have done within that time is insane, and the fact that I have kept this site all along is even crazier. A while ago, I remember looking back to my first post, a review of one of my favourite books. I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I found- very good for an eleven year old! But when I compared it to one of my most recent ones, I was shocked by how much I’ve changed for the better- my reviews are much more developed and informative.

But without some people I wouldn’t have been able to make reviews in the first place.
My first thank you is to my Mum, who brought my mere suggestion of making a website to life. She helped me with creating my site and getting to grips with making posts, which I found quite complicated back then. Thank you very much!
My second thank you is to my family, who frequently ask how my site is going and are always interested in my most recent books I’ve reviewed.
My third thank you is to my AMAZING friends, particularly the ones who cheered me on at the beginning.

And last but not least, is YOU. I want to thank you for reading my reviews, liking and commenting. It makes my day when I see I have gained a new follower, when someone ten hours away has stumbled across my site. I have 94 followers now- I’m pretty sure more than half are inactive but I don’t care because 94 is such a big number. I am so grateful.

I’d like to give a shoutout to some lovely people before I end this post. All these bloggers deserve a mention for their friendliness and great blogs.

Dauntless Dream– my WordPress buddy from day one!

That’s AweSam– great posts that make you think and one of the best artists I know!


My first ten followers (that are still active) if you’re still out there in the blogging hemisphere come and say hello!


Cristian Mihai – By the way, I love Cristian’s posts- go check ’em out!

Valeriu D.G. Barbu – Valeriu does some really good poems that are both thoughtful and interesting.

Chris V – I wish you posted more often because I love reading them!


hollisplample – I love love love hollisplample’s comics! They are amazing! She is very talented and worth a look.

Chris Martin Writes 

dcarniff – Dennis writes poems that tell beautiful stories.

Ray Ferrer– Ferrer is a professional artist and this is his official site

Fly With Nate


Thank you to all my other followers as well!!

I do intend to carry on posting reviews, but since I am approaching a busy stage in my life, I won’t be on as much. From now on, I will review a book once a week and post it on Sunday for you all to see. This Sunday, I will post the series of short reviews I told you about at the beginning. Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged my site- you know who you are. Bye!

~The Sweet Review






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