One by Sarah Crossman

We Are.
And we are living.
Isn’t that amazing?
How we manage to be at all.’

Crossman’s great new book is called One, a story about two conjoined twins, Grace and Tippi. Grace is the quietest one of the twins , the one who doesn’t say much and tries to do what’s best for both of them. Tippi is more about defending their rights. But more importantly, both care about each other. When Grace’s heart weakens and Tippi drains her energy trying to support her sister, they need urgent help. Should they stick together, or make a decision that will tear them apart?

I knew I would love this book as soon as I saw the cover and read the blurb. The idea of writing a story about conjoined twins is really unique and interesting to read: Sarah’s story is an insight into what conjoined twins, and also twins, have to face every day. I loved characters Grace and Tippi, and I found it fascinating how they could almost hear each other’s thoughts and know when they’re lying or telling the truth. I also like how each chapter is in poem form. I would recommend this book to girls aged 12-15, but boys may like it too. I am giving this book a four and a half star because it didn’t grip me as much as I hoped it would, so I can’t give it the full five stars.

The publisher is Bloomsbury, and I am reviewing this for lovereading4kids. The book is coming out in August; I recommend you to read it on holiday because it’s a great pass time and not too challenging to read.

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