Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar- Out August 2015

‘… she found herself staring at a large puddle of some kind of fuzz-covered mud. Her mind barely registered it at first, but the more she gazed at the odd looking mud, the more it drew her attention’

Louis Sachar is back with his awesome new book, Fuzzy Mud. The main character is Tamaya. Tamaya is a very smart girl who walks to and from school with Marshall. They know each other pretty well as they have been walking together for three years, and when Marshall decides to take ‘a shortcut’ through the woods one day, Tamaya finds out quickly that Marshall wanted to avoid Chad, the school bully. But its not only Chad who is waiting for them in the forest. There is something else, much more sinister, much more scary. There is something there that could change their lives… for the worse…

I really liked this book and the way it built up until the climax, which was really good! I loved the characters Tamaya and Marshall, and how their friendship grew. I thought the plot was interesting because of the fuzzy mud. It was very easy to read so I suggest boys and girls of around 10-14 years old should read it. I give it a four star, because it didn’t let me down, althoug I did like Sachar’s other books better. The publisher is Bloomsbury and it is out in August 2015. I reviewed this book for lovereading4kids.



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