All My Secrets by Sophie McKensie

‘A riddle wrapped in a coincidence, bound tightly by a lie. And covered up with a massive secret…’

When Evie Brown inherits £10 million pounds from a mystery person, she is gob smacked. Who would give her this much money and why? But when she is told that her whole childhood and the people closest to her was a lie, she is transported to the eerie Lightsea Island by her parents and her Uncle Gavin. Lightsea Island was meant to be a place for teenagers to take their minds off their problems at home. But during the meditation lessons, while she is cleaning the kitchens, she can’t help feeling suspicious. What is that flash of red and black that she keeps on seeing in the window? Is someone watching her? Could it be the person who gave her the large amount of money? Should Evie listen to her gut feeling, or what people keep on saying: It’s just the trick of the lights…

I really liked this book! I liked all of the characters, especially Josh and Pepper (great name, by the way!), and how they worked together to get what they wanted. Personally, I think they all acted a bit younger than their actual age, so I think they should’ve been fourteen instead of sixteen. Despite this, I got quite attached to a few of the characters, which made me even more gripped as I wanted to see how they would turn out. There are a lot of twists and it’s very fast paced (I finished it in a day!). I would recommend it to girls and boys who like a bit of romance and adventure, around 12-15 years old. The publisher is Simon and Schuster, and I would rate this book a four star.

To sum up in three words, this book is: captivating, unique, unpredictable. A must read.

All My Secrets will be published in July, 2015.

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