If You Were Me by Sam Hepburn

‘Please. Do not tell anyone. If the police finds out, they will make trouble for us.’

Two teenagers, Dan and Aliya, are brought together in a dangerous game of trusting the right people. This story really touched my heart as it shows that people can change things, no matter what age. It shows that hope can bring you through anything, whatever situation you are in, and if you believe something is right, go forth and put your point across. My favourite character was Dan, because half of the time he didn’t know what to do and I felt sorry for him. The plot is fast paced and the number of scenes that left me speechless are endless. The story is truly awe-inspiring, and I’m sure others would agree. It was nice to follow Dan and Aliya’s friendship that developed throughout the book. The age range is 12+ and it is for boys and girls, as there is a female narrator and a male narrator too! I give this book a four star and the publisher is Chicken House. I’m reviewing this for lovereading4kids.

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