The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

‘My mind wanders as I scan the crowd, wondering which people here will be my classmates at Pointe Laveau. And that’s when I see them.’

Eveny Cheval couldn’t be more disappointed when she has to return to her home town. With its secluded village and gates barring off any tourists, Carrefour is practically the opposite to New York, where Eveny used to live. There is no one there that Eveny knows. There is no one she can trust. But little does she know that she fits in better with anyone in the town: because Eveny is a Doll.

I love this book so much. The characters are all incredibly different, but every one I can picture in my mind. My favourites are probably Drew and Chloe, because they are very unpredictable. The chapters are fast paced and lead on from one another with ease. I seemed to get more and more gripped as the plot developed. The twists and turns are epic; I like how you never know who the enemy is until the end. A little bit of romance, a little bit of magic, an action infused plot and what do you get? An amazing idea that will go far.
In my opinion, girls of the age 12-16 will love this book, but I’m sure some boys may like it too. I rate it four stars, and the publisher is Usborne. The Dolls will be published in March so look out for it on line and in book stores!

I reviewed this book for lovereading4kids


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