Half Wild by Sally Green

‘In a war between black and white witches with his loyalties split between both, the greatest danger Nathan faces might be himself…’

Half Wild is a thrilling action book that follows the dream of a young boy named Nathan. He lives in a world where women dominate, and the witches, Black and Whites, fight. All he wants is to free his lover from the clutches of Mercury, a mad woman, and live with his friend Gabriel near a river. Quiet and peaceful. But that dream seems impossible when he gets swept away when he has to fight against one of the worst witches known. And in the middle of it all he has a Gift he cannot control. Nathan may be a Half Code, and he may be Half Bad, but he is also Half Wild. What side will he choose?

At first I was a little startled with Susan Green’s way of writing, but after the first three chapters, I began to like it. The words used and the form of writing is very abstract, especially in the first and last few chapters in the book. I like that there is a different style of writing for Nathan’s different sides, his animal side and his witch side. Green builds up suspense well, especially in action scenes where we need suspense the most. I also like how the main characters move around quite a lot- in total they must go to at least four different countries!

My favourite characters are Nathan, Van, Nesbitt and Gabriel because they all have different personalities. The age range is 13+, and I’d say boys and girls would love it. The publisher is Penguin and I give it a four star. Also, as this is the second book of Green’s trilogy, I recommend reading the first book before, as it starts almost right where it left off in the first book.

This book will be published at the end of March, so this is just an insight. However, this link goes to Sally Green’s website where you may be able to pre-order it!

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