There will be lies by Nick Lake

‘People you love can lie to you for the very best of reasons.
Maybe they want to protect you.
Maybe they want to hide a terrible secret of their own
Maybe they just love you so much they’ll do anything, ANYTHING, to keep you.
Maybe they’re just liars.
What about you?’

Shelby has lived with only her mum all her life. She grew up to love her, even if she is over protective. But when Shelby is involved in a car crash she is told things she was never told before. She was told lies. She was told a bit of the truth. But will Shelby find out what is what before it is too late?

I must admit, this book was a little hard to get into at first- there was a lot of information you have to process at the start- but afterwards I thoroughly enjoyed it. The narrator talks with a funny sarcastic tone which can change depending on what the scene was about. There was also a lot of action, which made it a little gory! I also loved how Lake made the fantasy in the book so realistic.

I give this book a four star, and the publisher is Bloomsbury. The age range is 13+.


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