Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossman

‘It was quiet again.
No shouting.
And no thunder either.
“Mummy,” I whispered.
“Mummy’s gone, pet,” Nana said. She climbed the stairs, opened the gate at the top and lifted me into her arms. She was shaking. Her eyes were wet. “It’s you and me now. You and me, OK?” ‘

Apple’s Mum left her when she was little. No goodbye parties. She just left. There, then gone. Apple grew up with her Nan, but always wanted the perfect mother figure in her mind. She was doing well in school, with her best friend Pilar on side, no one bothering her that much. Until she wished for her mum to come back. Then everything went out of control.

If you like Jacqueline Wilson, then you’d love this book. Not only is it gripping and fast paced, the novel has a deeper meaning behind it too. I love Apple, the main character, and I also like Del, her friend. The book deals with all sorts of problems which is why I like it so much. Friendship problems, bullying, love, family- you name it- they’re featured in this book. This is also the first book I felt satisfied with after finishing. It just rounds off everything neatly.

The age range is around 11+ and mostly for girls. The publisher is Bloomsbury and I give it a five star.

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