The Book Of Storms by Ruth Hatfield

This story features a young boy called Danny, in England. It is dark, and Danny sits, waiting for his parents to come back. He can hear the wind howling, and can see lightning outside his window. Danny is scared, but trusts his parents to come back, like they always do. When they don’t come back, Danny’s whole time line begins to unravel and he learns things he never knew before…

As the book progressed, I began to like Danny’s character more and more- his courageous and caring manner always gives me hope, even when hope is supposedly lost. Every chapter seems to reveal yet another twist, which makes the book more interesting. From lethal dogs, to a twig that can talk, this book is very original and I definitely recommend it to boys around 11+. If you like Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this novel is for you.

The publisher is Hot Key Books and I give it a 3 out of 5.

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