The Piper by Danny Weston

‘Please,’ she whispers. But he simply lifts a long white pipe to his lips and begins to play again, that same, mournful tune. Then a pair of cold wet hands clamp tightly around her ankled. They pull back hard and she has time for one, short scream.

 It is Granddad Peter’s eighty eighth birthday and Helen is the only one there at the care home. Everything looks dreary- like it always does. Someone has put a balloon in the corner, attempting but failing to be cheerful. Helen knows she’s in for a hard time- Granddad Peter is as gloomy as his room. But when she mentions the trip she’s going on, Granddad tells a story that Helen has never heard before. It is a story that puts you on edge. It’s a story that will make you turn the pages faster and faster. It’s a story that will make Helen never think twice about going on that trip again.

Fast paced and mysterious, The Piper will get you having nightmares for days after reading the last page. I’ve read many books about World War Two, but none of them have been like this. As the narrator is introduced at the start (Granddad Peter) it feels like someone is reading the book with you, especially because he is one of the main characters in the story he tells. It could also be passed off as an amazing mystery, as all the twists and clues are like separate surprises- most of the time I couldn’t guess what would happen next. Creative and imaginative, I can picture what happens in my head, it is that detailed.

I haven’t read man horror books, but if you like being on the edge of your seat, I recommend this book! By the way, if you do read it, I suggest that you do not read it at night.

The age range is 12+ for boys and girls (but boys may enjoy it more). The publisher is Anderson Press and I give it a five star out of five.

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