Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Falling in love should never be this dangerous…

Black Ice is Becca Fitzpatrick’s fifth book but it is the first book I’ve read by her. Anyone who goes in Grand Teton National Park is in danger. Young teenage women who enter the Park seem to disappear without trace. Lauren Huntsman enters a bar on her own and leaves with a man known as Shaun. The next day she is nowhere to be seen and neither is Shaun. This is only one example of the kidnappings taking place recently in the Park. What is happening? Will Britt and Korbie survive in the treacherous weather? And will they find Calvin, Corby’s brother, before its too late. This is a psychological thriller located in the mountains of Wyoming.

This is incredible book puts you on the edge of your seat and the pace is kept up throughout. The book genre is not only thriller but also romance, mystery and action. I would recommend this to girls aged 14 +. It will be published by Simon & Schuster and the author is from America. I give it a four star.



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