Half A Creature From The Sea by David Almond

‘ A story is a journey.
Every word is a footstep.
A story is a life. ‘

Twisted with emotion, threaded with the smell of the sea, Almond creates both fantasy and reality in this gripping book. All the stories create a world within a world, a story within a story, a life within a life. I love how Almond leaves everything for you to pick up so there is no wrong answer- it just makes everything last so much longer (which is a good thing!). I remember spending nights staring up at my ceiling, seeing things other people cannot see, dreaming about the story I just read, pretending to be in the main character’s footsteps. That is something hard to achieve for an author- for kids like me to dream about their stories. Well, David Almond definitely achieved it.

The cover and the illustrations are completely beautiful, every single one. I loved flipping back through the pages to look at the pictures, I loved looking at the cover for the first time. It is definitely the best cover I have ever seen.

After reading the book, I now know a lot of things about David Almond that I didn’t know before. This is because, within each story there is a connection to Almond. The spider webs that make up all the tales are adorned with tiny crystals of Almonds childhood, each thread inspired by the life of the author. This is mainly why this book is so special- the stories are true in such a way that you can smell the sea salt on the paper, you can hear boys yelling, ‘Goaaallll!’ in the distance. There is a weird mix of reality and fantasy here, a weird mix of both the truth and lies, that puts a special effect to the book like no other.

I also quite liked the introductions before each tale- it made everything easier to picture in my mind.

The age range is 11+ and the publisher is Walker Books. I give this book five stars.

Note: when I say five stars or four star, I mean five out of five.

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