The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

’round and round, tighter and tighter,
smaller and smaller.
Or so it seems.’

Life is a spiral. A never ending spiral. Becoming tighter, becoming wider. Two parallel universes colliding together to form one. One perfect spiral. Life. Life is a girl, facing normality, making magic. Life is realising your destiny, realising the answers to the questions you have been pursuing for all eternity. Life is a river, and what shapes are made beneath the surface. Life is all the complications we hold and ow we work them out. Life is a spiral. Read the spirals carefully, and you will work out what they mean.

Sedgwick’s book is so intricate it amazed me when I started reading the first story. I just love how everything is all connected and fits together so perfectly, but despite this you still can’t predict what happens next. All four stories are told in so many different ways, yet are really just replicates, copies of each other, stories within stories.

My favourite tale is the first one because of how it’s narrated in one long poem, but I love all the others almost as much.

The only slight thing with this book is that you have to focus to understand. It is not an easy read, which can be a good thing but for people who like to read books in an hour will be disappointed. For mainly this reason, the age range is for YA (young adults) and for girls and boys. The Publisher is Indigo and I give this book four stars.


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