My Writing- Rules

I am dead
But only for a second.
A rush of blinding light
And I am alive
But in another body.
I try walking, but instead I
Swim with fins
I am a whale, soaring, flying through the
Waters of Heaven
I am glad I was good in my past life, because
This is my reward

I cannot abuse others
I cannot harm
I cannot hit, nor punch, nor kick
Self-harm is not an option
These are the strict rules which shape my life
To perfection

I am a fruitarian
No meat
No vegetables
No eggs
No cheese
No soup
Just fruit.
I am a fruitarian.

Sometimes I look up and see
But I cannot see
A God
A spiritual being
A demon
There is no-one up there to
Look out for me
I have to do it all myself

To believe in reincarnation
To have to obey karma
To be a fruitarian
To have no God

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