All holiday book reviews

Here are the 11 book reviews for the books that I read on holiday. Five of the books were paperback, and the other six I read on my Kindle. By Friday all the reviews will be up on this post. The books are in no order.

Marley & Me by John Grogan

My first review is of the famous Marley & Me. This is the book I most remember; I loved it that much. It is about a dog , a dog like no other. Grogan had a dog when he was little, the most beautiful and obeying dog in the world. Shaun. Shaun was his life, and Grogan was more than upset when he passed away. But he was not expecting what came next. He was not expecting what would enter his life.

Prepare for a whole new level of fun as John Grogan whisks you through endless laughter and travelling tales, accompanied by the bolt of energy, Marley. I loved Marley as if he was my dog. I loved all the characters who were equally unique and interesting. Although there is a lot of humour in this book, it is also a heart-wrenching story which made me (sort of) cry in the end. This is the one and only book that has made me cry- and believe me, I have read thousands. I didn’t cry in The Fault In Our Stars. Nor any sad books. Only this one. And that, John Grogan, is why I am giving you five stars. Your book is incredible.

Although I think this book is meant to be for adults, I believe teens can read it too- boys and girls. Especially dog lovers, of course.


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