Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton

‘I am dead, but not gone.’

One day every year a group of mysterious people meet in an empty house. There are thirteen chairs. Twelve occupy them. But when Jack comes in things become very weird. Jack doesn’t believe in ghosts. Of course ghosts don’t exist. But why are all these people meeting up to tell ghost stories? Why do they all believe in them?

Jack is a curious boy- but if he wants to find out what all of this really means he has to delve deeper in the stories. He has to believe in the ghost stories being told. He has to believe in ghosts.

I haven’t read a good ghost story in forever, but this has really made my curiosity grow much bigger. All thirteen ghost stories captured the true feeling of being scared without using something very cliché. For example, my absolute favourite one is a story called Unputdownable, which is about a man who finds a sudden interest in writing but everything goes way too far and out of control. I love the way Shelton narrates in the certain characters voice, which gives the stories a beautiful tone, drawing me in deeper. It gives a personality to every story, which some authors struggle with but Shelton makes it seem so easy.

Another thing that is absolutely amazing with this book is that Shelton somehow creates as story within all the stories- this is the only book I have read that connects all the ghost stories together.

To be honest, I have no more words to say. I just love it so much I am speechless.

The age range is for girls and boys from the age 12+/. The reason why I have set the age to twelve or more is because it made me realise what Death means, and how we can cope with it, and how if we chase Death, Death will chase us. And I think this is something that comes in the older years of childhood.

The publisher is David Fickling Books. I give this book a five star. You have done your job right, Dave Shelton.

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