Do you remember any of your dreams that you dream? Do you remember them well enough to explain what they were about to your friends? Don’t you ever think that dreams could be necessary in some way?

I was thinking around ten minutes ago how our dreams could be our actual lives. My life could be made up of dreams. I then researched as to what dreams are made of, and I came across this site which explains most theories.

These two pictures show exactly what I mean about different opinions and different theories to what dreams are. Sit down and draw a dream. Not what you dreamt last night, but a dream on the outside. It’s hard, isn’t it? That’s because there is no right or wrong.

What if dreams are tests, so when we die if we succeed we can live in our dreams forever?

Why do you think we close our eyes when we cry, kiss, pray?

What if the monsters we endure in dreams are real monsters? Does this imply that dreams are reality?

Just a few thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Thought

  1. FunnyFangirl 📖 says:

    That’s cool. I don’t usually think about where dreams come from because logic will invade that and I suppose that’s why some adults don’t have as big an imagination as kids. But it is cool. How was school without me!? 😀

    • thesweetreview says:

      Yeah I just think having dreams is an amazing thing to be able to do.

      It was upsetting that you weren’t there, of course! In English we had the party, and it was actually really fun apart from when this weird teacher came in and started eating our stuff (it was funny though!) and Sid went outside and climbed up a tree. Near the end of English everyone got really emotional, as we gave her the story and the booklet. Catherine cried, and so did Anna T, Lori and almost Josh! I nearly did too! At break, we all played footie with Miss Smith- literally the whole class apart from Catherine and Lori.

      • FunnyFangirl 📖 says:

        That sounds cool!!!! I wish I was there!!!! I’m kind of feeling better but it hasn’t healed completely. I’ll be in tomorrow because it’s only half day! I basically spent my day drinking juice because that’s good for fevers (apparently) and watching TV (watching Final Destination which is literally a film about death XD ) and my mum made me eat loads of fruits and I went on Movellas. Did you tell Miss Smith that I wasn’t here? (I bet you did! 😉 )

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