Children’s books- happy endings?

This week there have been a lot of questions and thoughts as to whether all children’s books should end ‘happily ever after’. What do you think? Do you think it would be good if your child read books that always ended happily? Please comment below if you want to give more feedback. Now, though, here are some thoughts below to make up you mind and give you inspiration:

My mum (a literary agent) thinks that it’s okay to have a sad or a happy ending because it’s not about whether you think the audience will like it- it’s about whether it’s relevant to the text or not.

One of my friends completely objects to happy endings.

Funny Fangirl, another of my friends doesn’t have any objections to having happy endings but thinks that books shouldn’t ALL have happy endings.

Now, to what I think: When I was a bit younger, maybe seven or eight, I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series. Now, as most people would know, there are a lot of close shaves and a few unhappy endings for some characters, but I loved that. There comes a time when a younger person comes to terms with the words ‘death’, ‘pain’ and ‘problems’, and as the child reaches the age of around ten, they feel more curious and want to read around this topic. I think this is why children like reading; so they can try to relate to the problems facing the protagonist. Now I think that there needs to be a variety of endings to children books because otherwise it would be very boring. Do you have a favourite book? If you do, then it’s more than likely that there is a significant ending to it, or you can remember the ending very well. This is why I think not all books should have completely happy endings.

As I said before please comment and like this post if you agree with me.

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