Insurgent by Veronica Roth

‘An hour ago, nothing that happened felt real to me. Now it does.’

Tris, a different person from book one, has changed to become the new, guilty Tris now. Things are falling apart for Tris. Dauntless is crumbling. Her relationship with Tobias is being destroyed. Everything is falling down; all because of the Erudite taking over the system. It was bad before, but it’s worse now. Much worse. How will Tris stop Jeanine Mathews from becoming the leader of all five factions? Will Tris help Marcus, Tobias’ father? Will things get better for her, or will she give up?

This book is a great sequel to Divergent, the original book. I love how Tris changes, but sometimes, I almost lost hope- it was quite depressing. As different situations give Tris different problems, I became more entranced by Roth’s world and more gripped by the second. There is only one slightly bad thing with this book. It’s the sort of book that you can put down easily. You need the time, concentration and focus to read this book, and if there are any distractions nearby, you may miss an important moment. Because there are so many problems, dillemas, climaxes in this book they all need equal attention. And sometimes I can’t give that.

Nevertheless, this book is amazing. Roth continues to astound me, and I hope that happens in the last book which I can’t wait to read. My favourite character in this b0ok is Tobias.

The age rang is 13+, and the publisher is Harper Collins. It is the second book of the trilogy, and I am more than happy to give this book a four star review.


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