My Writing- Taster

Here is a taster to my new book!

Asylums control you. Unless you’re perfect, you have to watch out. There are eyes everywhere in those places. You are tracked everywhere you go. Nothing stops them finding out your darkest secrets. But not one human being is perfect. Anyone could’ve been picked for the slightest reason. I should know. I got picked for running away from school. My parents betrayed me. My friends betrayed me. Thanks to them I lived in that rat-hole for a year. A year of torture. A year of pain. A year of stolen memories. 

Hellingly Asylum. It says it in the name. Hell. I suppose you could use the word hell to describe what happened there. But really? It was worse than hell. There are limits that God puts down in the afterlife. There are no limits in Hellingly Asylum. There is no God. How could we believe in God when our lives were ruined? When He didn’t answer to our prayers? When things occurred that He would never agree to? We had to take care of ourselves. Because if we didn’t we would go mad. And to survive, you have to keep yourself from going insane. Unfortunately, I had no experience. I had no one to pick me up, to support me. I had a friend, yes. But she was new to this too. So I lost control. I went insane. It was a time like that when you are no longer afraid of Death. Instead you encourage it. You encourage Death, in the face of a blue moon.


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