The Rain by Virginia Bergin

‘I was sitting in a hot tub in my underwear snogging Caspar McCloud.’

Ruby Morris was at a party. She started the night as a ‘sexy’, ‘hot’ girl who just wanted to have fun. She ended the night fearing everything and everyone. For one night, Ruby went through a lot of stuff. Some good. Most bad. But the thing is, for Ruby, that things didn’t get better. Oh dear.

This book is laced with humour and coated with emotions, immediately gripping me from the first chapter. I love Ruby. So sassy, so full of herself, yet we get to know her at heart as the book goes on to reveal the true her. Her hope got me through without crying, her humour made me laugh at points when I probably wasn’t meant to laugh, her sadness ached inside of me. I felt all of her emotions so vividly that I praise Bergin for creating the first book that made me dream such amazing dreams at night.

The age range is 12+ and the publisher is Macmillan. I give this book a four star.

p.s Thanks Funnyfangirl for liking my posts. You smile got me through a hard day. xxx


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