Solitaire by Alice Osman

‘ What a pointless, pointless day this is.’

There are typical people in schools all around the world; the popular ones who attention seek to make everything seem better, the ones who have everything they could possibly have but will always feel alone, and the ones who can’t be bothered to do anything in life because they have no life. That’s who Tori Spring classifies herself as.

Tori Spring is ‘boring’. She gets up in the morning to do what everyone does in the morning. She goes to school. Nothing much happens there, of course. She then gets back from school and sits on her laptop for about 10 hours. That’s Tori’s life. Full stop. Until Solitaire arrived. With a bang. And a few streamers and sparks.

Tori knew something would happen after she met Michael Holden, something bad. Then when all those mysterious incidents occurred, she began to wonder, are all the clues left for her? Lucas, Michael, Becky, are they all connected? Instead of Tori revolving around everything is everything revolving around Tori?

I loved this book so much you wouldn’t believe! I think I loved it so much because I can relate to Tori, along with all the other teenagers around the world, I guess. Everyone feels self-hatred at some point in their lives, whether it be a second or a year, and this book depicts that feeling beautifully. I loved reading about Lucas, Michael and Tori as I never, EVER knew what was going to happen next. Which got me a bit frustrated.

This has definitely got to be a five star, although, if I have to be VERY critical, the climax wasn’t climaxy. It lacked a little drama, because this book needs drama to be a success. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with this book. I would say this is for 14+ readers, just because there is quite a bit of swearing. Well, I guess there has to be when the point of view is from a self-pitying pessimist.

The publisher is Harper Collins.

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