Deadline for Competition Number Two

Hello everybody! Yes, I know I was meant to put a deadline saying that the competition should be closed on the 15th June but I was away for a week up until today so I happy to tell the winning quote now. Please, please, PLEASE don’t comment any other quotes because they won’t be counted.

Getting excited are we, eh? Well I am proud to say the winners:

3rd place: Quote: “And in that moment I swear, we were infinite.”
Where the quote is from: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Why you picked that quote: Because it’s inspirational and sometimes people DO feel infinite.

I picked BookFangirl’s quote as third place because it has a strong meaning behind it which made me think more deeply.

2nd place: Quote: I love you more than there are words or stars, I love you more than there are thoughts and feelings, I love you                                 more than there are seconds or moments gone or to come, I love you.
Where the quotes comes from: Noughts and Crosses
Why you picked that quote: Often we say the phrase “I love you” but without realising the complexity of those three                                  words, and this quote represents how we describe the true meaning of “I love you”.

I picked this quote from SassyBookworm for second place as I thought she put a lot of effort picking the best quote which gives a shine to it. I love the sound and rhythm to it. Go on, viewers, say it. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? Great work for writing a thoughtful meaning and picking an amazing quote which got you into second place.


Drumroll please………..


1st place: Quote: “Being fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible! It’s learning to control your fears and being free of them.”
Where the quote is from: Divergent by Veronica Roth
Why you picked that quote: Because it is true and, also, very inspirational but it also teaches people that fearlessness                               doesn’t exist and that people who are “wimps” aren’t because everyone has their own fear.

I love this quote so much BookFangirl!!!!!!!!!! It has a tone to it which makes the readers take the quote as something special, something wise, something that’s not just a quote but advice from within. Because I like this so much, I am giving you both books. You will get them on Monday.


Well done to everyone who entered.


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