Brain Dead

They’re looking at me.

No they’re not. They’re not looking at you. Turn your head. There you go. See?

They’re still looking. Is there something wrong with my hair? People are staring at me.

They’re not and there is nothing wrong with your hair. Shut up. You’re so weird sometimes.

I know I’m weird. I’m worthless. I don’t belong anywhere.

I didn’t mean it like that! Seriously, you don’t need to be so touchy.

This is so embarrassing. Why do I have to be in this body? I hate myself. Let me out, let me out!

You don’t hate yourself, that can’t be true.

It is! I will never change. I will always be moody, sad, unhappy, depressed. I don’t blame people for hating me or not liking me. Why would people like me?

Please don’t say that, River. Please. Don’t give up.

I already have. I can’t do anything to stop it. Something’s controlling me.

But you have so many friends. What about Emma? 

She doesn’t understand me! Don’t you realise? No-one will know what’s going through my head.

Emma can help though! No-one will know if you don’t tell them.

How can I though? It’s helpless. How can I tell Emma this vile stuff when it’s been locked up for so long?

You have the keys. All you have to do is open the door.

I hate myself.

Please, River. Don’t do this!

I am worthless.

River! Stop it!

I don’t belong anywhere.

Please, River…

I might as well just…


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