My Writing- Walking Home

This is (an extremely short) story I made when I was about 6-8! I’m looking on my Mum’s computer so there will probably be more stories from when I was younger (I wrote a lot of stories then!).

Tears burst streaming non stop as my damp, wet face lays a dark patch on Miss. Ray’s shoulder. My precious tears turn into glittery droplets of ice and fall into landing the dump of the side of the road and are lost forever. It was a wintery day and unfortunately snow was blowing disagreeably in my frozen, angry face and was heavily falling fast. It was my unlucky day today. I stamped ferociously on a bottle of awful Coke. The ugly stuff squirted horribly in my face. I screamed in disgust as I shrieked in agony. At least something was on my side. Soft grass crunched and squelched below my feet. The snow mixed vigorously into the green grass and was sticking my feet together. But the thing that was on my mind was my teacher and friends, how caring and beloved are they (well I think so!!!!!!!)!!!!!!


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