My Writing- If I Owned A Chocolate Factory

I found this on my Mum’s computer only today and I made it when I was nine! Enjoy!

If I owned a chocolate factory

I would have helpers with toffee-eyes and delicious, luxurious, chocolate bodies.

And I would have a Candy Boy who licks ice-cream walls.

I would also have a super multi-tasty sweet-machine

Which we call DJ Dixon.

Candy Boy would have an enormous pet called Harrybones,

Which is a giant entertaining, scrumptious Haribo skeleton that has spiky pale bones,

Which drinks out of a sticky milky cup that tastes of fudges.

My careful workers would have a beautiful melty yummy piano and whenever

They dared to touch it; crunchy, mouth watering toffee oozes out of it.

I would sell rich, toffee eggs that come from magical geese,

I would also have a fantastic super-duper chocolate popcorn machine

That we will stick on the wall and the popcorn will fall down on us like snow.

That’s what I would have if I owned a chocolate factory.


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