My Writing- Gloomy Mr. Bell

It gives me such sadness to tell
The dreadful story of Mr. Bell
And for readers out there I have to say
For Mr. Bell, it was not a nice day

Alas! It was never a nice day for Mr. Bell
Never a day was to end too well
His dark aura occupied the air
Even when slouching in a chair

His dispirited moaning filled the room
And cast one’s mind in a sullen gloom
Even the happiest boy in the school
Couldn’t escape the downcast fool

With a permanent frown stuck on his face
Walking to class at a lazy pace
Oh dear! Oh no! It’s Mr. Bell!
The terrified children scream and yell

Today will be the worst, one girl whispered,
He looks so depressed, another boy answered,
And ‘today’ was the worst of all
As something terrific was about to befall

Ten minutes in Mr. Bell began to shake
He screamed, and shouted, and started to quake
“Someone help me now! I beg you, I beg you!”
Mr. Bell cried while turning blue.

“I can see him! It’s the Trand!”
Mr. Bell pointed with a shaking hand
The children gasped with huge eyes
While the creature stretched itself full-size

The door creaked open, all was silent
Then the Trand was gone and Mr. Bell lay dormant
Mr. Bell’s mouth was stitched and styled
Into the shape of a forced smile

The class of 8G laughed and cheered
Mr. Bell is smiling! One boy jeered.
Ten years later Mr. Bell can be found
Smiling in the bright playground

2 thoughts on “My Writing- Gloomy Mr. Bell

  1. HermioneKatnissTris says:

    This is great! Looks like you worked hard on it! This is for the cautionary tales thing, right? I can’t do as well as that, no one could! You’re defiantly going to get picked to go in the booklet! 🙂

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