My Writing- Caricature of Doctor Who (Matt Smith)

A mysterious imagination with a flare like a fire
Shining even when all hope is lost
Even if the world has been shot with darkness
His funny and kind feelings picks people up

As tall as a tower, as noticeable as a sore thumb
A hairstyle that really is a sight to see
His nose so like Pinocchio’s it’s like he’s been telling lies
But really his honesty adds to his immense loyalty

A pair of ears so large it’s unbelievable
And a neck as long as a giraffe’s
A chin that stands out like a dog amongst humans
Eyes so full of stories I could lose myself reading every one

All these features add up to his uniqueness
And help to save the world
But what I like most of all is his kindness
That people will always remember, even if he’s not there.


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