Shift by Jeff Povey

“…after the door close behind him there’s a flash of light that seems to illuminate the whole room. Carrie jumps in her seat, letting out an involuntary scream. It’s like someone put million-watt bulbs in all the light sockets, and the flash all but blinds me.”

One moment Rev was in a boring detention, and the next there was a massive blinding flash of a light and everyone in the whole world has disappeared. Apart from the people in the detention with her. What should she do? Should she run around, go crazy? Or should she stay low and try to work out where the others have gone? But it seems like she and her friends aren’t the only ones; there are others out there, exactly like them, but with supernatural powers. Now this new world isn’t as safe and fun as it was before- the fact that everyone’s gone and Rev is alone with these monsters is now extremely scary… But what if it’ the other way round? What if she’s disappeared, into a mirror image of their world?

A gripping and captivating book, Jeff Povey has definitely convinced me that there’s something out there which is dangerous! All of the made up characters are intriguing and loving especially Rev, Johnson, GG and the Ape. For me my favourite character is the Ape (“it’s Dazza”) because of his cute fondness for Rev and his insistence that he should save the others, even when the worse comes round. This book is so good it blew me off my feet and I would be insanely proud if I was the author of it. With so many twists and turns, this book is best for it’s spellbinding words.

The age range is 13+ but 10 year olds can read it too as it took me two days to read, and trust me I was busy! This book is mostly for girls because of it’s romance and characters. The publisher is Simon and Schuster and I give it a four star.


2 thoughts on “Shift by Jeff Povey

  1. Jeff Povey says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for reading SHIFT! Then thank you for reviewing it and most of all thank you for writing such great things. That means a lot.

    Best wishes

    Jeff Povey

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