As you probably all know, I set up a competition about a month ago. It closed on the 31st of March so don’t try to enter it! Thank you to everyone who entered as all the reviews were great, but I singled them down to two. I can now reveal the winners of the competition of Do A Review! are HermioneKatniss and Joshua!

These two reviews are unique and amazing; the authors are obviously very talented. I couldn’t choose between them because they both had advantages and points that need to be worked on. But, they had no idea how to do an amazing review so I praise them greatly. As I said in the competition post, I will put the winner/s review/s up, so here they are accompanied with an a few comments:

HermioneKatniss’ review:

Wolf Brother was actioned pack, loving and filled with memorable characters and moments. It is the first book of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

In pre-agricultural Europe,the hunter-gatherers of the Forest live in clans, each represented by a particular animal or life form. Torak and his father, of Wolf Clan, live together in the forest. During Torak’s twelfth year, his father (“Fa”) is killed by a bear which has been possessed by a demon. Before Torak’s father dies, he tells Torak to swear an oath to head north and find the Mountain of the World Spirit, and ask the World Spirit to help destroy the bear before it kills all life in the forest. He has to leave his father whilst the bear runs back and on his way north, he encounters a wolf cub which he accepts to come along with him because the wolf knows that Torak is part of wolf clan. Torak encounters a lot and even meets a new character from Raven clan called Renn but the true target is defeating the assassinating bear. Will Torak and wolf cub ever defeat the bear and if they do, will their bond still hold with Renn?

Michelle Paver made this such a gripping book which can touch your hearts and made you very sensitive as you head towards the ending. The publisher is Orion Children’s Books. It’s for both genders but again, if you had to choose one, I think it would be for boys-yet I still enjoyed it. It’s for ages nine to thirteen. I’m rating it three stars and a half.

Well done HermioneKatniss! Your review has an introduction and conclusion and you mentioned the publisher, the age range and your rate! It’s also good because it’s not too long or short, which shows you can produce a review that attracts readers and you understand entirely about the book you read. To improve you could include a quote and you could shorten the description of the plot. The plot only has to be described within a short paragraph to entrance readers and make them want to read more (e.g the book!) Overall, your review is great!

Here is Joshua’s review:

The Fire Ascending
By Chris d’Lacey

And men will say to themselves, “What became of the last true dragon, Gawain? Did he die in flames upon the sword of a warrior? Did he spread his wings and fly into the sun, leaving naught but his perfect shadow behind? Did he cloak himself in the ash of a volcano ready to emerge in glory one day?”
The Fire Ascending is the last book in The Last Dragon Chronicles series. It twists and complicates the whole series, keeping the reader gripped until the very last page. Also it includes 10 parts with chapters in most of them, unlike the previous books which had a few parts, if that. These parts were narrated alternately by Agawin (an important character in the series) and the author, and were set in different times. The contrast between past and present is cleverly presented to the reader. These factors also added interest to the book.
The plot to the book included many twists and different added information, which worked well and completed the unknowns in the series well. The author also didn’t explain much until nearer the end, when you could really piece it all together.
My favourite part of the book was when Rosa and Zanna, parallel universe mirrors of each other, met and Rosa sacrificed herself to turn Zanna good again. It was a very touching moment as she knew David, the main character, loved Zanna more. I actually cried when I read it.
The Last Dragon Chronicles series is perfect for young teenagers who love dragons, and are willing to have to think hard about what they’re reading.
The publisher of this book is Orchard and I give it a five star.

As you can see, Josh’s review is very similar but also very different to HermioneKatniss’ review, which is mostly why I chose it. You thought about the way you could set your review in a different way, and spent a lot of effort into it, which is good. You also looked at the book in all the different ends, which is a natural talent to have. You repeated some words some times which you need to improve as you should have a range of vocab in reviews. Also, even if the book is difficult to explain, you have to describe the plot or the plot of the first book in the series as you could confuse the reader. Overall, your review is very good, Josh!


Once again, well done to HermioneKatniss and Joshua for creating such good reviews! Please could you comment below and write two books for me to review, as I didn’t know I would be dealing with two winners.

Here is HermioneKatniss’ website and Joshua’s website.


6 thoughts on “Competition!

  1. Joshua says:

    I am thrilled! Thanks so much! HermioneKatniss’ review is amazing (better than mine)! Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely take it on board!

  2. thesweetreview says:

    You guys just made me smile! Your welcome Josh. Actually both of your reviews are as good as each other which is why I both picked them. Please comment two books so I don’t have to read six!

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