Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

‘ “Why do we write fiction?”… 
“To make people laugh.”
“To get attention.”
“Because it’s all we know how to do.”
“Why do we write fiction? Professor Piper asked.
Cath looked down at her notebook.
To disappear. ‘

Cath has been best friends with Wren for what it seems like forever. They’ve shared a bedroom for eighteen years. To be honest, they did squabble a lot. So? That’s what all twins do, right? But when they graduate from high school, things seem to get a lot worse. Wren doesn’t want to hang out with her in university. They’re not even roommates. Instead, Cath shares a room with sassy Reagan. She feels angry that Wren is drinking too much, not visiting their dad but instead visiting their mum, but also a deep down kind of sad. The kind of sad that Cath only realises about until it’s way too late.

This book is too good to be true. I love all the exaggerated characters, especially Reagan and Cath. The way Rowell uses Simon Snow to sharpen the story is great. The age range is around teenager age, for mostly girls. The publisher is MacMillan, and I give it a five star.

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