Love, Lies and Lemon Pies by Katy Cannon

“The last time I was waiting outside the Head of Year’s office was with all the other Junior and Senior prefects, ready to receive our shiny badges of responsibility. This time, I haven’t got a clue what I was there for, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t end with a shiny badge.”

It’s been a year of despair for Lottie. A year of distraught. She can’t tell anyone why, but a lot of people know that her Dad died. So when the Head of Year called her in and suggests that she should join Bake Club, she agrees because when her grades are slipping and her head is all bright colours, it’s hard to keep it secret.
Lottie’s always known Mac. I mean, it’s not like you can’t notice him. Mac’s the bad sort of teenager who writs stuff on toilet walls and blows up the science department, but everyone knows him for just that. Everyone knows Lottie because her Dad’s died. And just that. This bonded Lottie and Mac together, but how long can Lottie last before exploding with her secret? And will all the strings break when the day of the Bake Off arrives?

I really like this book, as it caught my eye from the very start. The recipes inside are great, and the romance between Mac and Lottie is both frustrating and lovely to read! I love both characters like I wrote them myself, and I really praise Cannon for doing that. For me, Jasper (with his dyed black hair and big eyes) is my favourite character, but there are so many characters that are good it’s had to pick. The age range is 13+ for girls, and the publisher is Stripes. I rate it a four star.


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