Some of my friends sites

Hi one of my friends wanted me to put up his site so I thought I might as well put up the lot!

Josh’s website :
He’s only just started it so don’t expect much, and it’s about dragons. So, dragon fans out there, go and look! You’ll really like it.

Anonymous’s website:
This is a talented writer of mine who started this site quite a while ago now. I’s full of amazing poems and short stories, and yes, a few random stuff! But it’s great, definitely worth looking at.

Anonymous’s website:
The same owner of the site above this one, this site is more about her life in general: watch out, you might find it a bit weird and random! Very interesting with lots of videos and pictures, this site is great.

Gennie’s website:
Gennie’s site is good as it has some useful tips and shows an insight to interesting things that she will post in the future, as she started her site quite recently.

I hope you look as these websites as they are amazing.


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