My Writing: The Monster Takes A Breath – Part 2

This is part two of The Monster Takes A Breath, a short story I did for a writing competition, and to read the first part go to the page named My Writing.

25th December 1914

The eerie singing woke me up on that bitingly cold Christmas Day. I felt hands under me, carrying me into the unknown. I opened my eyes, and the pain and the memory came flooding back. Above me was a soldier in his late twenties with striking black hair and blue eyes. I then looked at my arm. I gasped. The bullet had gone straight through and out the other end, and all that was left was a bloody mess.

The man had realised I was awake and looked down at me with a friendly expression.

“I no speak. I friend if you no shoot.” He said quietly, his words I only just heard before being whipped away by the wind. I decided to reply, but only a croak came out.

“You not speak. You nearly die. I,” He then pointed to his chest, “Am Theodor. I take you to trench. No shoot, you hear?” I nodded, then realised he was taking me to the German trenches! Suddenly finding my lost voice, I shouted,

“What?! Why are you taking me prisoner? Oh I see, you act all nice at first but then-“

“No! You calm! We no shoot!”

I still didn’t believe him, and struggled out of his grip only to fall on the floor. I had used up the little of the energy I had, so all I could do was lie there. About ten seconds after that I lost consciousness again. I didn’t feel him picking me up, or carrying me the rest of the short way. All I felt was the blackness pressing me and the monster whisper; don’t trust him. Trust me. Trust conflict…

Part Three will come shortly.


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